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AVO Everlasting Essentials Inc.

Refill Kit

Refill Kit

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Biodegradable, replaceable brush heads designed to make a positive impact on the planet’s well-being

AVO's toothbrush heads are earth friendly so they can break down naturally, and not be everlasting on the planet or in our oceans.

The brush head is designed with it's unique angulation for effective toothbrushing. The sustainable, high-quality bristles are made with castor bean oil.

It's angulation design allows for the brush head to air-dry easily without touching anything else while laying flat or while magnetized to the mounting plate PLUS the head can be easily replaced and removed.


BRUSH WITH ROOM TEMPERATURE OR COLD WATER ONLY. The brush heads cannot exceed temperatures higher than 50°C (122°F) as they are biodegradable and not plastic! 


+ Biodegradable brush heads (3 brush heads in each refill kit) 

+ Environmentally friendly

+ Castor bean oil bristles

+ Effective air drying to limit bacteria growth


The Refill Kit includes:

3 black brush heads 


Anodized aluminum handle with textured fingergrip

Magnetic mounting plate for storage

Biodegradable brush heads

Caster bean oil bristles


Care information

Use with room temperature or cold water as brush heads cannot exceed 50 degreesC (122 F) as they are biodegradable (and not plastic!)

Brush head is intended for 3 months use

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