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AVO Everlasting Essentials Inc.

ROSE Toning Spray 2oz

ROSE Toning Spray 2oz

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This 2oz ROSE Toning Spray features a blend of hydrogenated water and rose water, providing anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s the perfect size for travel or on-the-go!


Made with hydrogenated water (ERW), and rose water for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits



Spritz onto a clean face for best absorption results. 

Water/eau, rose distillate water and hydrosol, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), rose (rosa damascene) essential oil.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs. For external use only.

Cesser l'utilisation en cas d’irritation. pour usage externe uniquement.




Anodized aluminum handle with textured fingergrip

Magnetic mounting plate for storage

Biodegradable brush heads

Caster bean oil bristles


Care information

Use with room temperature or cold water as brush heads cannot exceed 50 degreesC (122 F) as they are biodegradable (and not plastic!)

Brush head is intended for 3 months use

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