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AVO Everlasting Essentials Inc.

Spray Collection Set 1oz

Spray Collection Set 1oz

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Experience the incredible benefits of our hydrogenated water sprays with this convenient 1oz sample collection set. 
Try the entire five spray collection in 1oz bottles to get the full effect of hydrogenated water with a variety of blends. 
The collection set includes: MINT & MOIST Oral Spray, ROSE Toning Spray, CLEAN Hand Sanitizer, AWAKE and DREAM Skin and Body Sprays. 


All AVO sprays are made with unique essential oil blends to exhilarate your senses and feature hydrogenated water for the ultimate skin, hair, and oral care benefits.
We got you covered with this perfect sample collection. Spritz away! 

*Refer to individual product pages for more details and information on each spray*


Anodized aluminum handle with textured fingergrip

Magnetic mounting plate for storage

Biodegradable brush heads

Caster bean oil bristles


Care information

Use with room temperature or cold water as brush heads cannot exceed 50 degreesC (122 F) as they are biodegradable (and not plastic!)

Brush head is intended for 3 months use

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